Training the dog

This is the most comprehensive formula in terms of care and the most requested by customers.

The courses include: individual dog; a couple of dogs; a pack. The contents range from basic training to more specific training: assistance, defense, protection, etc.

The amount of training hours depends on the customer's needs. The customer does not pay for a period of time, but for a convincing result.

After a first meeting at the customer's home, I establish precise specifications. Depending on the behavior retraining needed, I take the animal with me so that he can spend some time at my psychological center,

Then I follow the program to the letter in order to achieve an optimal custom made training of the dog.

Step 1: Spending time with the dog, train him to perfection at one of my centers and /or under real situations.

Step 2: Training the dog at his normal place(s) of residence: house, apartment, office. Taking care of every detail is what sets my approach apart from other trainings. For me, a personalized approach means quality.

Step 3: Teaching the master to lead, talk and take care of his dog in an correct manner.

Important: Training is 100% custom made!

No detail will be overlooked and/or ignored. The results are amazing and the training is guaranteed for life.

Moreover, at the end of the training, I remain in contact with the masters in order to support them.

My motto for training: the full satisfaction of the customer and the well-being of the dog!

My motto for training: the full satisfaction of the customer and the well-being of the dog!

But everyone must keep in mind that after my intervention, the master must continue to work to maintain the dog obedient... And behave properly with him to ensure he is centered, because they are living beings with emotions and not machines.
That is why I also insist on the master's education which is certainly easier when the dog is trained beforehand.

Geographical areas: France, Europe, the world.

Note that in case of travel outside the usual training areas, travel and accommodation should be covered by the customer.

Examples of recent trainings: New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Canada, Moscow, Tokyo, Benin, London...

Training rate: From €3,000.

* Excluding travel expenses