Elite dog sale

I offer you nothing less than the dog of your dreams.

You want to buy a pet dog, or a pet dog that can also protect you? I take care of everything for your complete satisfaction.

How to acquire your dog

Step 1:

Meeting at your place of residence in order to know your expectations and discover the future place of residence of the animal: environment, family situation, if there are other animals or not, etc.

My experience, my knowledge and my intuition allow me to match the personality of a purchaser with the dog that best suits him/her. For me, the procedure is based on taking into account all the elements available and then to imagine the ideal dog.

Everything comes from what you desire, then I guide you a little to wisely select the breed, sex and pedigree of your future pet. After that, it is a matter of making the dream come true...

Step 2:

Using my network of European breeders to find the dog that best meets all the expectations.

Dogs from 10 to 18 months old are ideals for pets.
Dogs from 18 to 30 months old are ideal for pets and also protection dogs.

Introducing the dog to his future master. Training.

Step 3:

Dog delivery

I spend from 3 to 8 days with you to guide you during your first moments with your new companion!

An elite dog is no longer a puppy!

The dog that we deliver to the purchaser is no longer a puppy. We do this in order to save the customer from experiencing the growing of the animal in which he can be very dirty and cause damage to the home, among other things.

The customer receives a dog that fits him/her perfectly in all aspects. It is the animal of his/her dreams physically and psychologically. In short: the ideal dog. A dog with whom the master spends beautiful and happy years in harmony and complicity.

A guaranteed purebred dog. Acquisition of all breeds.

Rate: From €5,000.

(Payment in two installments: 1st payment when placing the order. 2nd payment at the end of training when the customer verifies that everything is perfect).

* Excluding travel expenses